Yleana Hanekamp

I know how important it is to discuss ideas/concepts when making a thesis. I guided a lot of my fellow classmates during finals to help sharpen their concepts or writing. I graduated at the AKI ArtEZ where I studied Crossmedia Design. A broad, interdisciplinary study where analytical thinking and intuition comes together. I am acquainted with digital media as well as fine art. Analytically and conceptually I’m practiced in giving feedback on creative processes and (creative) writing. A thesis at an art Academy can sometimes go a bit different, a thesis can, besides being academic, also have a different form. Together we will look at the asked criteria of your Academy or University. I can teach you some methods and exercises which can help to give focus on your subject, fascination or positioning of your creative work. I would love to get to know who you are as a creative maker and where you are stuck in the process. Together we can make a plan to best fit you. I also give feedback and tips on creating a professional portfolio. In whichever creative phase you are, together we’ll find the best way to pick up where you left off.

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