Yannic Hanekamp

After multiple years of successfully coaching students, I found multiple common issues many students experience during the thesis writing process. …
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Amila Azdahic

My name is Amila Azdahic and I am a fourth year medical student. Next to my studies, I have been …
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Birte Klusmann

I am Birte, PhD student at the University Medical Center in Groningen. Due to my enthusiasm and fascination for science, …

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Johan Rodenburg

Hello there! I'm Johan Rodenburg, a double-philosophy graduate from Rijksuniversiteit Groningen who has a passion for picking apart arguments. As …
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Yleana Hanekamp

I know how important it is to discuss ideas/concepts when making a thesis. I guided a lot of my fellow …
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Jordi Visscher

Experience with tutoring high school and university students and a deep appreciation for language and teaching are bringing me to …

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Stijn Venema

My name is Stijn Venema, I am a fifth year medical student. During my studies, I have gained substantial experience …
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