Yannic Hanekamp

Thesis & Scientific Writing

After multiple years of successfully coaching students, I found multiple common issues many students experience during the thesis writing process. I am passionate about helping students to write a strong, coherent and persuasive thesis or scientific publication. My enthusiasm for many subjects and coaching I gladly share with those I aid, and produces a positive and productive working environment. After winning the best thesis award of my university I set out to establish ThesisHero as a means to help more students to pass. Writing a thesis is difficult, as most of us are not specifically trained to do so. If things don't work out at the start of the writing process, it is best to immediately reach out for aid to prevent delays and disappointment. From my experience, a little push in the right direction can help many to discover that the thesis writing process can be both fun and successful. Donā€™t hesitate to call in some help. We will gladly provide it!

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