Johan Rodenburg

I am Johan Rodenburg, a double philosophy graduate student at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. I have always been fascinated with argumentation, and as an analytic philosopher I have been trained to analyse arguments and discover how they can be improved. As a teaching assistant I’ve tutored students at the bachelor and master levels for both papers, and theses. Are you still not clear on whether your answer fits your thesis question? I’m the right guy to help you out, I can get you to nail down that thesis question and help you formulate your best answer to it. Maybe this isn’t really your problem, perhaps the problem is that your thesis read like a dishwasher instruction manual? Here too I can be of help, improving your prose so your text will flow from one sentence to the next. Struggling with motivation, or are you overwhelmed with stress? We have all been there, I can help by collaboratively finding a schedule that utilizes your optimal working hours and motivate you to stick to it. In short, as a tutor I will be able to help you think clearly, write well, and guide you through the process of writing from the beginning to end.

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